2009 PROJECTS : FIRE - Field Invoicing and Reporting Engine

FIRE - Field Invoicing and Reporting Engine

FIRE is a revolution for Oilfield invoicing. It can be used by any Oilfield company that creates hand-written invoices. Roughly 85% of all invoices created in the field by the Oil & Gas service sector are written by hand. It means those service companies are wasting time re-entering data for reports, re-entering it for employee payments, re-entering it for final customer invoicing. Most companies re-enter the data at least five times. With FIRE the data is entered once.

Most companies spend a huge amount of time taking information from hand-written field tickets and manually re-entering it into reports for bonus payments, reports for utilization, sheets for invoicing entry, lists for asset usage, submissions to the government, and the list goes on. Claero Solutions and FIRE believe that it make more sense to enter the information once at the very beginning, and then automatically create all the reports from that entry. Every oilfield company knows this is the way it should work, and with FIRE, this is the way it does work.

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ALTASO LTD. provided analytical and software development services for FIRE System in spring 2009. FIRE is complex database driven application with offline client component for field users and online web based interface for head office management and employees.

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