2009 PROJECTS : Xyntax Doculinx - Electronic Filing Cabinet

Xyntax Doculinx - Electronic Filing Cabinet

DoculinX is a secure, centralized electronic filing system for improved efficiency across all departments of any organization.

Online web based document management system provides authorized user access to needed documents from any computer, anywhere, with an Internet Browser. It means that management, staff and auditors can review files and documents internally or remotely anytime without leaving their desk.


Storing documents electronically saves time, space and money.

ALTASO LTD. has been providing software development services to help improve Doculinx functionality since November 2009. We are proud to be helping Xyntax Systems with their software development.

News & Updates

Year 2009 is over and 2010 is here
ALTASO LTD. was born in year 2009. We are looking forward to opportunities in 2010. More…
[Dec 30th, 2009]

Calgary and Edmonton Avenues
Online presentations for Calgary Avenue and Edmonton Avenue were redesigned and updated. More…
[Dec 2nd, 2009]

October 2009 update
Wine Access - Canada's Wine Magazine - website updated. More…
[Oct 30th, 2009]

ALTASO is providing services to SOUL
Since Sept 2009 we are providing services to Soul Integrated Solutions and Redpoint Media Group. More…
[Sep 15th, 2009]

Vision Statement
ALTASO will be respected by our clients and partners for creating long lasting relationships and providing great customer experiences. More…
[Aug 27th, 2009]

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